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James Baldwin — the grandson of a slave — was born in Harlem in 1924. The oldest of nine children, he grew up in poverty, developing a troubled relationship with his strict, religious stepfather. As a child, he cast about for a way to escape his circumstances. READ MORE >>

Benjamin Montgomery was born into slavery in 1819 in Loudon County, Virginia. He was sold to Joseph E. Davis, a Mississippi planter. Davis was the older brother of Jefferson Davis who would later serve as the President of the Confederate States of America. READ MORE >>

Marcus Garvey was a proponent of the Black Nationalism and Pan-Africanism movements, inspiring the Nation of Islam and the Rastafarian movement.  Born in Jamaica, Marcus Garvey was an orator for the Black Nationalism and Pan-Africanism movements, to which end he founded the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League. READ MORE >>

Huey P. Newton was an African-American activist best known for founding the militant Black Panther Party with Bobby Seale in 1966.   Huey P. Newton was born in Monroe, Louisiana, on February 17, 1942, and named after former governor Huey P. Long. READ MORE >> more below: READ MORE >>

Lucy Craft Laney was a pioneering educator in Georgia who opened the first school for Black children in Augusta. She also opened the first nursing school for Black women in the town as well, leading to a long career in education. Laney was born April 13, 1854 to former slave parents in Macon, Ga. READ MORE >>

Golden Thirteen, group of African Americans who in 1944 became the first group of black servicemen to complete officer training for the United States Navy. In 1977 members of the group organized the first of several reunions, some of which were highly publicized and even promoted by navy recruiters. READ MORE >>

The amazing story of identical twin sisters making history! Never before has there been twins serving on the bench at the same time in Alabama! Read this inspiring story! READ MORE >>

The Greenwood neighborhood in Tulsa, Oklahoma, housed one of the most successful Black economies in American history. The area is, now, commonly referred to as “The Black Wall Street.” Most of the businesses and homes were burned down in the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921. READ MORE >>

The African American inventor of a life-saving device, mechanical traffic signals, and more had to fight for recognition. READ MORE >>

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